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My test results – Achievementment Network indicators :Driving on

Ways of communicating most associated with this preference:

– Enquiring, questioning, investigative, often detailed and precise

– Direct, task-focused, often using strongly worded statements

– Considered, thoughtful, often testing the other person’s thinking or logic

– Encouraging, persuasive, often focusing exclusively on the positives

– Practical and often seeking consensus and maintaining harmony

You are therefore likely to be someone who:

Sees opportunities and sets a direction. Your focus is likely to be on the ‘big picture’ and ‘bottom line’ benefits. This may involve instinct and intuition rather than a detailed analysis when reaching conclusions and making decisions. Whenever there are opportunities for change, you are likely to prefer to ‘drive things onward’. You will often be the first to propose or decide on a course of action. You are most likely to want to challenge the status quo.

You are likely to be an enthusiastic organiser. Obstacles can present welcome challenges to you. You are invariably prepared to act as a problem-solver and a catalyst for improvement. This includes team development and urging others to work together to produce even better results.

You are someone who is likely to push yourself and others onward – particularly when progress is slow or there is a leadership gap to fill.

With your preference for Driving Onward you are likely to focus on what must be achieved. This will involve emphasising the ‘end point’ and seeing and describing the Vision. You will want to provide direction and you are likely to be results-driven. Your approach to goal achievement appears to be one that focuses on the demands of the task and the results to be achieved.

What others say:

‘There are many people in academia who devote their lives to a calling and service. At the University of the Western Cape in particular, there are many programs and initiatives that serve the communities in need. To stand out in an institution with a proud history of activism and among some of the most devoted individuals to society takes an exceptional person. That is what Madge is. Her passion and commitment to students, academics, parents, communities and to get the right things done is inspiring. Those that have worked with her, those she helps and most of all the youth and students that get involved in her programs are enriched. Like them, I too love her energy, I love her soul.’ Roderick Limbanda, 2012 (Chair of ICT Portfolio Committee at Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

‘Good day Mam, i would like to thank you for your motivational advice and the emotional support i got from you it has helped me a lot, however, i must say that the booklet you gave me has helped me a tremendously, every time i encounter a problem pertaining to my studies i always read it especially if its related to my academic work and even if it is a personal problem since not all of us had the privilege to have somebody(parents or family) who appreciates the fact that we made it to university and we have a brighter future ahead of us. Thank you once again I’m looking forward to attend the ‘time management session’ on the 5th of March.
kind regards’

‘Dear aunty Madge, This is sandiswa funani I came to your offices because I needed to speak to someone and out of all the people in my whole entire life you the only one I could think of. I doubt even if you could help me but I just needed to talk to you because I know you were going to make me feel better somehow just with your words the way you did in my first year when I burst into your office crying, brought to you by msizi. That day you really helped me to go and you gave me new hope and that’s what I need now. Hope and a little bit of faith so that I have the will to find again. I really need you.’

Extract from a student’s story: ‘Titleless story

‘She is a mother to the motherless, an encourager to the spiritually hungry, a life coach, a writer and motivational speaker. She is the sunflower that radiates chambers of hope. Although she has so many titles we prefer calling her Aunty Madge. Her radiation is so powerful it did not even take Aunty Madge five minutes to see that I was not okay. She knew what to say to make me feel better. Amo

Hi aunty Madge, I admire how u embrace the challenges and changes that comes with transformational coaching. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

Hi Madge, Just want to share this with you. We had an awesome poetry sharing event today, it was beautiful. Thank you for your inspiration as well, i used some of your quotes too e.g.“Women are born with masterminds. They are just prevented to use it optimally.” :-

I will never forget you Madge. Everyday I awake, I remember that we serve a God of second chances. During my darkest times, you gave me a second chance. I will never forget your kindness towards me, I will never forget you Madge, I will always remember you. And I will always be thankful for what you mean to me. Always.

hello auntie Madge, I hope you are doing well. it’s been such a long while since I heard and seen you. Things for have been such a rollercoaster and it seems now there is no direction on where I’m heading with my life even though I have an idea of where I want to be.
You are the only person that came to my mind that I could just offload on. I know you have got a very busy life but i would like to meet up with you so that I can get some guidance.
Please let me know when could this be possible for you. preferably on a weekend if possible otherwise during the week after 5 will be suitable as well.

Aunty Madge, You are a great mother of this nation. U build, empower and embrace EVERY SOUL that u meet. I cannot thank u enough for the POSITIVE IMPACT u had and still have in my life.

Hi Aunty Madge!
As u can see its 2am in the morning and im thinking about u. Why is that??
Im struggling to sleep and remembered something u told me in 2009 in ur old office. “If u cant sleep just write down ur thoughts or plan ur day; u might just also get an idea”. Ha ha ha. How very true STILL 2DAY!
How I LOVE education! How I LOVE to be a leader! How I LOVE to motivate and guide! Just like the 1st page of your Motivational Pocket book. My fire was found, and is BURNING! I AM ON FIRE!! I AM PASSION.

‘Dear Madge
My special thanks to you and for the wonderful job you did on improving service delivery through motivation and inspiration.I was delighted with the presentation and especially appreciated your suggested modifications. The extra time and effort you put in were certainly worthwhile. It is a joy for me to work with such dedicated and talented colleagues that attended the workshop.
I am reading the Motivational pocket booklet you gave us and now I know who I am,where I am, where I want to be,and what I have to do to get to where I want to be.I have found my life a purpose.’

Hi Keri
 I trust that you are well. I would like to nominate Madge du Preez for your “ordinary people” slot. At a time when she should be winding down for retirement Madge has taken it upon herself to use her wealth of experience gained at UWC to reach out to school learners so that they can prepare for tertiary education. She is an amazing person with such passion and drive who gives so freely of herself. She is truly an ordinary person doing extraordinary work.
Cherrel Africa (HOD: Political Studies, UWC. Ph.D)

‘Dear Mrs du Preez
Wow! this is amazing and encouraging, I gained some self confidence from this Sunflower story.

‘Morning Madge as i’m reading your email and i get to the last line when you say “You have everything you need inside of you” and i silently screamed “YES!!!!!!” Because that is exactly what i prayed about yesterday Thank you Madge, i will definitely keep in contact and update you on what happens from hereon.’

‘Thank you so much for believing in me and helping me through a hectic time in my life, for being there for me and listening and helping me deal with things better and not to beat myself up about things but rather to find solutions and ways of getting over them and moving on with life. Thank you for understanding that students have issues that challenge them and it is often hard to deal with them when one also has to focus on academics.I hope that God will give you the strength to help more students and to bless you in the most amazing way with joy, health, love and lots of laughter because you are an amazing soul, I am so happy to have known you.’ I am extremely grateful to you.’

“As a colleague, I have always seen Madge as a mother/adviser figure to me as she has provided me with guiding advice in life. She is a good model to emulate. Her inspirational talks have contributed to me being independent and always striving for bigger things. As a professional she is very knowledgeable and creative. As her previous customer, I can attest to her high quality work. Generally, she is a great person to know…” January 20, 2012 (Thando Mjebeza : ex-student/lecturer (UWC)/Business owner : Zimele Technologies.

“Ms. Madge du Preez is a passionate person who does everything with high enthusiasm and could modify people’s perceptions about their work. As a result, they end up loving what they do and doing the right things with a goal in mind. There’s always a target for her, which is helping the youth with their academic work and through life.

She is a true inspirational person…” September 27, 2011 (Dineo Ndhlovu – ex-student)

“I met Madge du Preez in 1996 at the University of the Western Cape. She is a gentle soul and is passionate about developing people. This makes her a natural fit for soft skills training.
In 2009 I approached her to do soft skills training for me, specifically on developing my EQ (Emotional Quotient / Emotional Intelligence). The skills she equipped me with helped me to build better relationships with my peers at work and with my family and friends.
In both a work and home context she equipped me with the skills and abilities to cope with life challenges, perform well under pressure, resolve conflict respectfully, have an increased awareness of myself and those around me so that I am able to communicate effectively.
I recommend the work of Madge du Preez. I have a high regard for her as a person and as a professional soft skills coach. I love her approach and attitude to people.” September 1, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative (Chani Macauley : Ex-student)

“May God richly bless you. Africa needs you now more than ever. Pursue your big dreams and help others find success, for I know whatever your aspirations are, your success will come by helping others find success.” March 2006 (Funanani Rambuda : Ex-student)

“The talented Madge du Preez is a woman with sound principles, moral values and ethics. If you’re looking for a people’s person with high levels of integrity and professionalism, then look no further. She strives for excellence in all that she endeavours and takes on every opportunity with focus, dedication, drive and accountability. She is articulate; always extremely well presented and gives attention to detail – attributes that are evident in the high quality of work, whether spoken or written, that she produces…A gracious woman of character. I highly recommend Madge du Preez for any work opportunity which she deems significant to pursue.” October 12, 2011 (Esther Henderson: Business Owner)

I appreciate all you have done within a month, professionally preparing our review documents. There are many other work-related things that I can mention BUT this period really stood out for me, seeing how diligently you worked. It took a lot of time out of your schedule and I would just like the world to know that despite preparing the document (6 years of work) you still smiled, motivated, listened to your fellow colleagues, gave advice and lend a hand where it was needed. Once again THANK YOU for the example that you are and for being the best colleague, mentor, advisor, mom and friend that I could ever have asked for. Love, Lucy

Thanks for all the support to our students.
You are God given.
Dr J. Abongdia

Good morning Auntie Madge I’m one of the first year students at ENLI Bible school, and I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful lecture last night it was such a blessing to listen to you. Everything you said touched my heart, and you have such a peaceful presence. You truly are a blessing, and you r in my prayers. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and love. Hope you have a beautiful day filled with miracles.

Aunty Madge, thank u 4 2nite and speaking into my life again and just connecting… U will never know how much it means to me… U r 1 in a million and a million in 1, love u Aunty.

Oh my word Aunty Madge, you just made me cry at my desk at work. There are so many things going on right now and I just can’t be strong anymore, I had to be strong all my life for all of my parents mistakes and the situations they caused… I don’t have any strength left. Thank you for those words… Lovies

Hey Aunty Madge! Trust that you are doing well. I just wanted to find out if it is by any chance possible that Aunty Madge could sit with me as I need to talk about a few things and really need guidance. If you are too busy I do understand… Lovies and lekker slaap.

Hello aunty Madge.
How is your arm and the project coming along? I need your wisdom and guidance, so that i too one day can stand firm as you. At the moment i feel a little lost, i dont know what to do next.

Dear Aunty Madge
I want to thank you for what you have done for us.
We feel blessed, thankful and inspired. Your presentation and one -on-one interaction with each learner was superb. It set the atmosphere for the rest of the day.
All day I heard out of the mouth of these learners: “Hey you! I have a dream inside of me”.
Sir, can I read it …..can i read it again….Sir, look at this poem.
Charmel said: Sir, I love the Joshua poem. 🙂
So it went on ALL DAY 🙂
A big thank you to you Aunty Madge for being who you are…a blessing to all who come into contact with you!
As soon as my Data gets loaded this week I will send you the pictures.
Much love

Simposium : Upington

Dagsê Madge,
Dankie vir die e-pos. Sien uit om in die nuwe kwartaal dit met vrug te gebruik. Ander kollegas geweldig beïndruk, veral die` in die grondslagfase. John Visagie

Baie dankie vir jou moeite, ek waardeer dit.
Is daar dalk enige van die gediggies en liedjies (bv. Vokale) op band wat ek kan aankoop. Etta

Dear Madge, Before I left UWC in 1995 I gave you a medal that I had won at a karate tournament. The idea was that I would collect my medal one day when I returned & completed my studies successfully. I was so embarrassed about failing so badly! But now failure has become something that I can openly talk about.
During those times, I remember that you were very kind towards me & you encouraged me to persevere. In 1997 I enlisted with the SANDF & I completed a military leadership training program at the Army Gymnasium in Heidelberg, Gauteng. The Army taught me that I could do the impossible but I soon realized that one cannot do the impossible on one’s own strength alone. Shortly after I left the military, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord & Saviour. It was then that I realized that with Christ in my life, truly, nothing is impossible. In 2004 I went back to study at UWC. As that old saying goes, the rest is history.I am humbled to report that I recently passed my M.A. Degree with an aggregate of 93% & I will be starting my PhD studies shortly.Please let me know if you think I’ve earned my medal back?

Workshop : Goals and Dreams (Rural Education Access Programme)

‘The workshop was good because some of us do not have confidence to work in a group of people. So it was kind of like training us.’
‘It gave me a better perspective of my dreams. I also now know what the difference is between goals and dreams.’
‘I loved everything about the workshop. It has inspired me in a big way.’
‘It, was stimulating and practical. However, I do think it’s a little late in the year.’
‘Very inspirational. Have “I CAN” in my head.
‘I like the way you do your work.’
‘This workshop was the best, nothing left out!’
‘More games! Love it.’

Dear Madge, I was thinking of you on Saturday at the funeral of a young man I did not know. His dad is a student and I just felt so much compassion that I had to attend. I only know his dad as a part-time, adult student but his grief and shock was just so palpable, he even came to write a test on the day the boy killed himself and can’t explain why he did that and did not tell a soul. How do we get the message across to our young people that no situation is so hopeless that you need to take your own life? This boy was so happy and he made so many people happy that you just wonder how such a young soul could live with such a heavy load?

Motivational Pocket Book

“You gave me a little cream booklet …. And it had lots of little inspirational sayings that you had compiled together …And when I go through difficult times … I remember the line that says “Character is built in the fire of life ” Aahhh!! so good to know that this still helps… Then I always say to God …”God bless that Lady”

‘Thank you for all your support...but that motivational pocket book was the cherry on the cake!’

‘Hay Aunty Madge:)
I’m Leigh Ann i’ve heard alot about *U* and am i so lucky to finally be in contact with someone like ”YOU” ,,,,,,
I consider myself as a poetess 😀 and your work is EXCELLENT ,,,The pocket book ”you are what you think” INSPIRED me,,, so much i’m finally facing my fears all at once:),,, tX

‘I am sending you this email just to thank you for the motivational pocket book that you gave me. It helped me so much when I was facing challenges, especially during the exams.’

“I always had the fear of stepping out of my comfort zone, but having read your motivational pocket book has changed my mind completely. I am ready to face my fears!”

“I’m in Dublin and still using your pocketbook…and sharing it with everyone.”

“I am so happy that I came to speak to you. My accommodation has been sorted out. Thank you for the motivational booklet. It really gave me new perspective.”

Review of new book – The LIGHT in the Dark (by Reach Publishers)

Hi Madge
Thank you for your patience. Please see the comments below from
our editor:
“What a lovely book this is sure to be and such a pleasure to
review as the author is clearly very capable and well written. She has a very good grasp of the English language and her writing skills
are certainly commendable. She has combined her life story very
cleverly with her deep faith in God and married it all superbly
with inspirational and motivational words to make readers think deeply
and reflect on their lives. I like the idea of this reflective journal where readers must actively answer questions and fill in the answers as they read. It’s a nice keep-sake that they could then refer back to many years later to see responses and reflect on how their lives have changed. I think it is commendable that the author is trying to help others through her personal story and wish her much luck with the publication of her work.”
Please let me know what you would like to do.
Kind regards
Thora (Reach Publishers)

Book Review : My Portal to Personhood

“Madge Du Preez is a solid author. She allows me to become a visitor into her world so that I can live more vibrantly in mine. Thank you for making sense out of calamity, helping to turn pain into joy, and smoothing my wings to fly!”

“Enjoying your book so much! Two of my friends want to read it!”

“I’ve always known my emotions with Giovanni’s death, but for the first time I saw it through your eyes and experienced the hurt and loss you suffered. Thank you for inspiring me to do better, to be better and to inspire others to do the same.”

“I enjoyed your book. Read it 3 times!”

SMS: “I’m working through Personhood and it’s like I’m experiencing life through your eyes. Have a lump in my throat. Thank you for making paper your friend…”

“I really enjoyed reading your book. I was very touched by the chapter where you write about your late son…I so connected to it. What I love about the book is the short chapters and that it goes from the challenges you experienced to how you’ve overcome it. As I read, I stood still at certain parts where I was still struggling. And I just did what I had to do…right there!. Thank you.”

“I’m so in love with your book …my word i can relate to so many things in it and it just feels like its a manual.

“pg 91…specially for me. Confirmation on the word that I need to share. What captured me: Your words must be aligned to your spirit. If incorrectly applied, it will return void. Revelation knowledge is of utmost importance to understand God’s word and ways.”

“Please advise on availability for Saturday 8 October. I would like to arrange few ladies for your book review and fellowship. It would be a great honor if you came. I love your book and I can’t keep my eyes from it.”

“I really enjoyed the book. At times it felt that it spoke into my life and definitely provided me with guidelines and motivation to continue my journey.”

“Love your book. Reading it for the 2nd time now.”

“Highly recommended, used the chapter on the power of prayer on Sunday. Awesome! Well done!”

“What an amazing story, life altering journey, you shared. Thank you. And If you for one minute think that your Portal will be collecting dust on my shelf, sorry not gonna happen! I watched a movie once, where two friends + this magical Jeans, that fitted them all perfectly. Was called something in the line of Travelling Jeans… Well, I now announce your Portal as my travelling book, amongst all my loved ones. I loved it + do sense a whole lot of tears going 2 be shed while travelling, but as women we need 2 share, love, encourage + unite! Xx”

SMS: “I’m on the bus and reading your book.
SMS later: “ I can’t stop crying. I keep seeing Giovanni through the keyhole and I did not even know him.”
SMS much later: “ I finished reading your book…you are truly the change that you see in the world. Thanks for writing it.”

“I enjoyed reading your book! …on the plane. Easy reading…lots of emotion that almost forces the reader to reflect. I like it that you write about your challenges and how you dealt with it. Good book for travelling.”