Madge du Preez - The Sunflower

Back straight...chin up and face to the sun!

The Sunflower seeks out the light, no matter how little light there is. They mature and share the blessings of growth with everyone they come in contact with…seeds of hope, joy and love. They are a symbol of constant, true and unswerving loyalty to something bigger and brighter than themselves.

Madge the Sunflower is a seasoned transformational servant leader. Her strong sense for caring comes from her late parents who were both strong community change agents. It is, however in the narrow streets of District Six, one of the oldest urban communities in the Cape Flats in Cape Town, South Africa, that her inherent love for people ignited the fire for internal sturdiness and transformation as a means to survival. Although she only spent four years in this community, she has taken the experience, thoughts, hurts and outcry for 'continued existence' of the people who were later forcefully removed from their heritage into her written and articulated works.

She says: 'Being able to walk and talk with the 'marginalised' through the language of their hearts, resonates with a song that I often sing when I am alone. It is called 'everybody is somebody and a nobody.' (from my book: My Portal to Personhood).

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